Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai

“?” an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai.

Curator: Tango
Location: MOCA Shanghai

Sponsor: GQ Lab. 

Artists (Sorted A-Z):
Anton Gudim
Christoph Niemann
Daniel Arsham
Dick Ng
Lim Heng Swee
Nick Verstand
Shane Fu
Simon Landrein
Yuval Robichek

AR Filter for Instagram

Augmented reality (AR) is a fairly new technology that allows users to interact with filters in a more realistic way. It allows users to interact with their world in a more immersive environment, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular tool for social media. 

Augmented reality can make art come to life in a way that is new and exciting. It’s been shown that art and augmented reality go well together, which is why we’re seeing more and more of it in galleries and museums. It’s also why social media platforms like Instagram have released Instagram filters that create the same effect with pictures or videos you take of your own paintings or sketches. Whether you want to recreate an old painting or try out a new technique, these new tools will help you experiment with augmented reality technology while staying true to your artistic vision.

There are a variety of museums that are using VR and AR to showcase art and get visitors more engaged with the exhibits. One example is the Tate Modern Museum in London, England which is currently running a project called What will you find? Visitors can explore paintings by using an app on their phone to scan over the painting and see additional information about it. This enhances the visitor’s experience and provides them with more information about what they are seeing. Another museum that utilizes VR and AR technology is LACMA in Los Angeles, California. They recently partnered up with Google Arts & Culture to create an augmented reality tour of their permanent collections galleries where visitors could walk around, view artworks from all angles, while learning more about them from video interviews with artists.

Yuval is using augmented reality in several ways, here few examples:

Yuval’s spring series in a special AR edition,
You can now place a framed artwork on your walls with augmented reality features on Instagram filters.
How to use:
1. From your mobile phone open this link, it will open Instagram app with the filter.
2. Switch to the back camera and tap to place the object.
3. Pinch the screen to resize the frame.
4. Use the slider to adjust the height of the frame.

5. Use the buttons to change the photo.
6. Hit Records and don’t forget to tag @yuvalrob when you post the story :)

Using your mobile phone and Instagram, you can bring your mug to life with augmented reality, just open the effect and point your device’s camera at the illustration.

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Make the AR poster come to life, get the Vending Machine print here

Augmented reality is a technology that allows digital images of computer-generated objects to be added to the user’s real world. It is being used in art products such as paintings, sculptures, furniture, etc. AR can expand the experience of the user by displaying additional information about the item in question.
Augmented reality is expanding the imagination of artists by allowing them to digitally paint on top of their physical art pieces or add computer generated elements such as moving parts, textures, or videos. This technology also provides a way for museums to connect with visitors via interactive displays that allow visitors to explore different works of art while they’re standing in front of them. 

YiXi Talk Shanghai

YiXi is an online speech platform devoted to sharing ideas with Chinese audiences, usually in the form of 30-minute powerful and inspiring talks. Some say it is The “Ted of China”, with over 600 speakers around the world across a variety of fields, that almost covers all topics from science, technology to culture, art and design.
YiXi’s goal is to share “Humanities, Sciences and Daydreams” on their stages in cities all around the country including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Taipei, and Hong Kong etc.

In December 2019, Yuval gave a talk on the YiXi,  the title of the lecture was “Life In Line”. 

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